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Father's Rights
Recent studies document the importance of children having access and frequent contact with fathers as well as mothers.  Unfortunately, many fathers either don't have custody of their children or they have a joint custody arrangement but don't get to see their child(ren) as frequently as they should. 
Those who have visitation rights often are concerned about the lack of time they have with their kids.  Or even worse, the mother does not let them see the child(ren) at all.  Therefore, it is crucial for single fathers to know their fathers rights and how to get child custody, how to enforce custody and visitation rights, how to modify child support and how to assert and protect their parental rights in general.  Fortunately, affordable, professional legal help is available.


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Joint Custody, Visitation and Child Support
Such issues surrounding child support, visitation rights, joint custody and child safety are common among most single fathers.  Fortunately, The Attorney Connection's Child Custody Center provides affordable legal help to enable fathers to assert their father's rights, which is in the best interests of the children.  Contact The Attorney Connection for professional legal help to assist fathers in knowing and understanding their legal rights and how to effectively assert those rights to help foster and maintain the important father-child relationship.

Whether a father is seeking establish paternity, getting sole legal and physical custody, joint custody establishing set parenting time and visitation rights, getting child support legal help or asserting child visitation rights, professional legal help from real attorneys who fight for fathers is vital.  Likewise, fathers have certain rights when it comes to child support, whether they are the parent obligated to pay child support or receive it.  Knowing one's rights and how to protect them is the first step to ensure that child support is fair and reasonable.

Professional Legal Help
Get help with many issues, including:  establishing paternity, establishing child custody, visitation, parenting time, modifying child custody or child support, enforcing a court order, asserting and protecting father's rights, etc.

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