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Fathers Rights Advocates. While there are many fathers rights advocates and fathers rights groups out there, unfortunately very few are owned or operated by family law attorneys.  Most fathers rights groups are non-attorneys who pretend to be child custody and/or child support experts, but don't really have the expertise or experience on child custody lawyers or child support attorneys.  When it comes to asserting a father's parental rights, getting help from true family law attorneys is essential.  Custodial rights. Custodial rights are determined by a court or by agreement of the parents of the child.  A parent can file for custody, which generally consists of a petition to establish custody.  In many jurisdictions, upon the filing of child custody papers, the court may refer the matter to mediation first to determine if the parents can agree on both legal and physical custody of the child.  If an agreement as to custody cannot be reached, the matter will typically be set for a hearing in front of a family law judge to decide upon the custody of the children, including but not limited to sole custody, joint custody, parenting time or visitation.  The court will then issue an order stating who will be the custodial parent, and possibly several other issues.  Once a custody order has been issued, either parent is then in a better position to protect and enforce his or her custodial rights. Grandparents rights. Grandparents rights exist in every state in the United States, but can differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.   To be awarded custody of their grandchildren or to be awarded court-mandated visitation with their grandchildren depends on the laws set forth by the respective State legislatures.  However, some courts have recently determined that state statutes providing visitation to grandparents are unconstitutional.  Therefore, Grandparents who are considering visitation rights should check the current status of state legislation in their respective states and contact attorneys focus on family law, including grandparent rights.  Courts in every jurisdiction must consider the "best interests of the child" when granting custody or visitation rights to a grandparent. In some states, the applicable law provides a list of factors the court should consider when determining a child's best interests, including such things as the needs of the child, the capability of the parents or grandparents to meet the needs of the child and the strength and length of the relationship of the grandparent(s) and grandchild. Family Court. Family Court is a court designed to decide matters pertaining to such issues as child custody, child support, divorce, paternity, parental rights and visitation or parenting time.  In some jurisdictions, they are referred to as Domestic Relations Court.

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If you are looking for child custody help such as:  You need to establish custody and visitation, want full custody or visitation rights, need to enforce parental rights, etc. The Attorney Connection Child Custody Center is your professional, affordable solution.

The most common child custody visitation and child support question we get asked at The Attorney Connection's Child Custody Center is "What do I do?"  All too often, it is in the context of a parent (usually fathers), who tell us how the other parent is unreasonable and is not letting him/her see their child for no reason at all.  Unfortunately, many let this situation go on for way too long without asserting their parental rights.

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What is Child Support?
Child Support is a periodic payment made by a parent to provide financial assistance for the maintenance of the child.  While one has parental rights when they have a child, they also have certain responsibilities to the child as well, including providing financially for the child.  Child Support can be ordered through the courts or through child support services.  The factors involved in determining the amount of child support vary depending on the state, with income of the parents being a primary factor.

Parental Rights.

Certain rights and responsibilities are part of being a parent, both morally and legally.  Custody of a child is a right worth fighting for most parents, whether it's for full child custody or joint custody.  However, in many situations, a parent must assert their parental rights (i.e. file custody papers) in a court of law to ensure that their rights are determined and to provide the parent with a means of enforcement of those rights.  Most importantly, asserting one's rights to legal and physical custody and visitation of a child can be done through the legal process.  Also, protection parental rights once they have been established should also be done through the court system.

Father's Rights.
Whereas Mothers often get certain parental rights by default, Fathers most often have to assert their legal fathers rights to custody and visitation through the legal system.  Furthermore, even if their father's rights have been established in a court order, fathers frequently have to turn to the courts to get their father's rights enforced.  The process of what to do and how to do it properly can be overwhelming.  Therefore, getting professional legal help can increase one's chance of success while decreasing the stress of the situation.

Grandparents Rights.

Grandparents in every state have legal rights, depending on several factors, to be awarded custody of their grandchildren or to be awarded court-mandated visitation with their grandchildren. Grandparents rights have been enacted by state legislatures on a state by state basis.  These rights are based primarily on state law, although federal regulation can play a role.

Courts grant visitation or child custody rights (guardianship) to grandparents only when certain elements provided in the state statutes are met. Conditions for a grandparent to get custody differ from those factors required for visitation rights. A grandparent should be familiar with the conditions for either custody or visitation before determining whether to file a petition to request either from a family court.  Getting professional legal help from an experience law group can be instrumental in understanding and asserting grandparents rights.

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If you don't have a child custody and visitation order in place, you need to petition the court to get one established.  What a court order does is protect your parental rights and gives you recourse if the other parent does not comply.   If you have an existing child custody and visitation order or parenting plan in place, you may need to file a Motion for Contempt/Petition to Enforce, or similar motion depending on the jurisdiction.

Likewise, if you don't have a child support order in place, or need to increase or lower child support based on a change in financial circumstances, you should petition the court.  In fact, if you delay in addressing child support issues it can cause you financial nightmares down the road.

Bottom line, nothing will change with your child custody issues or child support  situation unless you takes steps to initiate change.  Whether you are trying to modify child support, establish father's custody, or something else, you need to be proactive and take action NOW!

To hire a typical law firm to help you in these types of cases  generally costs thousands of dollars.  Fortunately, we provide you with an affordable solution.  The Attorney Connection Child Custody Center provides you with the professional legal help you need for a low flat fee and saves you thousands!


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