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Child Support Guidelines

Since 1989, federal regulations require each state to provide presumptive guidelines or formulas for determining the amount of child support awards.  States developed their child support guidelines based on similar factors and guideline models, as well as relying on economic studies on the cost of child-rearing. 

The current status of state guidelines is that they share some similarities, yet they have many differences when it comes to child support.  Some states use a child support model called the "Income Shares" Model, while others use the "Percentage of Obligor Income" Model.  In sum, while the premise behind child support is the same throughout the country, there can be many differences.  Consequently, getting professional legal help from experts in the field can make a huge difference in the amount of your support, not to mention having someone to explain the complexities of your case.  Bottom line, child support payments should not leave a person in poverty.

Lawyers, child support attorneys who help with father rights, children rights, parental rights for fathers and mothers.  Helping with paternity, child support, child custody, guardianship and fathers rights in all fifty states.  Child support attorneys who also help with child support payments that need to be established or modified / changed, including cases dealing with child support enforcement.  We are a law group of experienced child support lawyers with vast experience in paternity, child custody for fathers and mothers, child support, fathers rights, child visitation and parenting time, termination of parental rights.

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The Attorney Connection consists of Child Support - Custody attorneys who work with parents - custodial and noncustodial - and guardians to ensure children and families receive or pay court-ordered financial and medical support that is fair and reasonable given their particular circumstances. Affordable and effective child support help is available to the general public thanks to the services provided by The Attorney Connection. Establish or change Child Support today! 

At The Attorney Connection, we know that parental rights are important and need to be proactively asserted and protected. We provide the professional legal support that parents need when addressing child custody, visitation, child support and other family law issues. With the help of a child support attorney, we encourage parents or guardians to move forward in resolving their family law case by utilizing the affordable and effective services of our experienced law group at The Attorney Connection.

About Child Support.  Child support is an obligation that a parent has, generally the non-custodial parent, when there is a court order or administrative order for child support put in place.  Child support payments are based upon the applicable state guidelines.  However, the child support amount ordered isn't always correct, most often due to a change in circumstances, such as job loss or change in parenting time.  Getting child support established or changing child support involves a legal process to which experienced child support attorneys can help.  Because their can be a lot at stake financially when it comes to addressing child support issues, investing a little for a long-term benefit can be well worth it.  More importantly, having the guidance and legal knowledge of an experienced child custody and child support legal team can be invaluable and give you peace of mind.

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